Distinguished MAINE Professor

Sponsored by the Class of 1942 and 2002, this award honors those professors who  exemplify the highest qualities of teaching, research and public service - in that order.  Nominees for this award are solicited by means of on-campus mailings to the deans of the colleges of:  Business Public Policy & Health; Education & Human Development; Engineering; Liberal Arts &Sciences; and Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture 

Nomination Procedure:Each spring semester, the dean of each college shall appoint and convene a DMP Student/Faculty Nominating Committee for the purpose of nominating candidates for consideration by the DMP Selection Committee.
Each college is asked to present at least one(1), but no more than three (3), faculty candidates for consideration.
Candidates for the Distinguished Maine Professor Award should exemplify the highest qualities of teaching, research, and public service - in that order.
Candidates must be tenured faculty and will be evaluated on the following basis:

A. The respect and devotion a professor has to education, the pursuit of knowledge, and his/her students

B. Teaching effectiveness

1. The intellectual content of a professor's classes.

2. Classroom presentation. This is to include:
    - articulateness, but not necessarily cleverness
    - class time, meaningfully spent
    - opportunity for student initiative in learning
    - intellectually challenging examinations
    - opportunity (depending on class size) for student discussion of differing viewpoints
    - class time, meaningfully spent
    - opportunity for student initiative in learning
    - intellectually challenging examinations
    - opportunity (depending on class size) for student discussion of differing viewpoints.

3. Professor's availability to all students in addition to regular office hours and concern with students' intellectual   and personal development.

4. Demonstrated ability to challenge and inspire students to reach beyond themselves in the search for academic achievement.

C. Professional and scholarly accomplishments

1. Overall contributions to the educational and institutional excellence of the University of Maine outside of the classroom.

2. Scholarly reputation among colleagues inside and outside of the University of Maine.

3. Be perceived by students as role models for other professionals in their fields.

D. Public Service Activity

1. Department/College/Campus service, including committee membership and advising student organizations.

2. Public Service including both compensated and uncompensated public service activity, particularly service that contributes to the economy, culture and quality of life of citizens of Maine, the region and the nation.

If you are interested in nominating someone for this award, please contact Cassandra Babbitt
at the Alumni Association.

Please click here for nomination guidelines

Recipients by year

2015 William G. Davis '89, '91G
2014 Mary Jane Perry
2013 Robert Lad
2012 Joseph Genco
011 Alfred Bushway '68
Paul Mayewski
2009 James Acheson
2008 John Vetelino (tie), Janice V. Kristo (tie)
2007 Ivan J. Fernandez '78G, '82 Ph.D.
2006 David W. Townsend '74, '81G
2005 Robert Strong
2004 Eric N. Landis
2003 Kevin J. Boyle '78
2002 James Warhola
2001 Keith W. Hutchison
2000 Douglas M. Allen
1999 Brenda M. Power
1998 Fred H. Irons
1997 Irving S. Kornfield
1996 Malcolm L. Hunter '74
1995 Habib Dagher
1994 Dana N. Humphrey
1993 George H. Denton
1992 Raymie E. McKerrow
1991 Stephen A. Norton
1990 Alan J. Kimball '72
1989 Fred B. Knight '49
1988 Dana Wolfe Birnbaum
1987 Brian Green*
1986 Anne Sherblom Clark
1985 John A. Alexander
1984 John W. Toole
1983 Martin R. Stokes
1982 Eugene A. Mawhinney '47
1981 Mary S. Tyler
1980 Melda Brandt Newman
1979 Michael H. Lewis
1978 Charles W. Smith, Jr.
1977 Melvin Gershman*
1976 Donald A. Grant '56
1975 Erling R. Skorpen
1974 William G. Valleau
1973 John H. Dearborn
1972 Constance Hedin Carlson '45*
1971 Douglas A. Gelinas
1970 Joseph A. Scimecca
1969 Robert B. Thomson*
1968 Jonathan Biscoe*
1967 David W. Trafford '39*
1966 Richard G. Emerick
1965 Vincent A. Hartgen*
1964 Benjamin R. Speicher
1963 Walter S. Schoenberger*

*denotes deceased

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