Alumni Achievement Awards:

Alumni Achievement Awards

Each year the UMaine Alumni Association recognizes several individuals who have performed distinguished service on behalf of their professions, communities, and alma mater. To view the recipients of the 2021 Alumni Achievement Awards, click here.

Please contact Annie Cutler at with any questions regarding the nomination process.

Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alumni Association is moving to a virtual format for the 2021 Alumni Achievement Awards. We also plan to recognize individual honorees at regional alumni events to be held in the future.

Please contact with any questions. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Alumni Career Award

Recognizes distinguished career performance and achievements in professional, business, civic and/or other public service areas.

Champion of UMaine Award

Recognizes an individual who, though not an alumnus or alumna of UMaine, has provided exceptional, effective, and sustained advocacy and support for UMaine’s mission and quality.

Bernard Lown '42 Alumni Humanitarian Award

Recognizes dedication to outstanding service and impact at the regional, national or global level through active engagement in saving lives, relieving suffering, and promoting human dignity.

Suzanne Kay Hart ’68 Alumni Service Award

Recognizes exemplary leadership and extensive service, in multiple ways and over a lengthy period of time, to promote the success, reputation, and value of UMAA. Previously called the Pine Tree Emblem Service Award.

Spirit of Maine Achievement Award

Recognizes an alumnus or alumna who received his or her UMaine undergraduate degree within the past 15 years of nomination and who has achieved outstanding professional, scholarly, public, and/or entrepreneurial success.

Black Bear Award

Recognizes years of continuous, outstanding advocacy for the University of Maine in ways that increase or enhance the reputation and public appreciation of UMaine in the areas of academics, athletics, the arts, and/or alumni success.

Block "M" Award

Recognizes the outstanding work of an individual, conducted over a period of years, to advance the strength and success of his or her alumni class, Chapter, and/or Alumni Interest Group.

Rising Star Award

Recognizes an individual who, in the years immediately following his or her UMaine graduation, has demonstrated outstanding commitment to advancing the strength and success of the Alumni Association, his or her alumni class, alumni chapter, and/or Alumni Interest Group

Fogler Legacy Award

Recognizes a family with at least three generations of UMaine graduates; at least 2 family members must have a record of outstanding service to their alma mater, the Alumni Association, their community, and/or their profession.

Hilda Sterling '55 Class Correspondent Award

Recognizes exemplary service to class as class correspondent.

Golden "M" Award

Recognizes a member of the 50-year reunion class for outstanding class service and/or leadership since graduation.

Distinguished Maine Professor Award

Recognizes a professor who exemplifies the highest qualities of teaching, research, and public service - in that order. Presented annually; sponsored by the Classes of 1942 and 2002.