Phoenix Mitchell ’19 is proud to be a Black Bear

For senior Phoenix Mitchell ’19, the possibility of attending a college that did not have a marching band was unthinkable. That’s why Phoenix, December’s Dirigo Award recipient, chose UMaine.

What town or city do you live in when the university is not in session?

The last two summers I’ve stayed in Orono and worked but when I’m not here I go home to New London, CT. [Orono] is a home away from home.I love it here.

What is your major (or intended major)?

Psychology, with a concentration in Biological/Cognition. I’m also minoring in Pre-Med. I eventually want to become a dentist.

What UMaine-affiliated clubs or organizations are you involved in?

I’m in the marching band, pep band, Team Maine, and Greek life.

Favorite place to hang out on campus?

On campus you can find me at the “bandie table” in the Union. If I’m not there, I’m in the library of Class of 1944 Hall.

Favorite place to hang out off campus?

Off campus I hang out at the Family Dog [a restaurant in downtown Orono]! Sweet potato fries ’til I die!

What is your most memorable event or experience as a UMaine student?

I’ve had a lot of memorable experiences as a student here and I continue to create more but if I had to choose one I would say when the pep band went to Austin, Texas, with the women’s basketball team [in March when the team played in the NCAA tournament]. Whenever the pep band travels with a team, it’s a great time.

Aside from coursework and campus life, what are your interests or favorite things to do?

My favorite things to do are sudoku, painting, sleeping, and hanging out with my friends.

Who is/are your favorite UMaine professor(s) and what makes them stand out?

My favorite UMaine professor is Mr. White [Christopher White ’94G] because I’ve had the most encounters with him and he always tells me jokes.

What year do you expect to receive your bachelor’s degree?

I will be [participating in commencement ceremonies in  spring 2019 but will receive my bachelor’s degree spring 2020.

What are your plans for the year immediately following your UMaine graduation?

I want to either go to dental school, or take a year off and travel.

What do you see yourself doing professionally once you’ve finished your education?

I see myself working in a dental office or having my own practice.

What are the keys to being a successful student at UMaine?

The keys are balancing your school, social, and me time. Self-love is the most important and your mental health should always come first.

The UMaine Alumni Association, with support from University Credit Union, each month presents its Dirigo Award to an undergraduate student who exemplifies the academic and civic ideals of the University of Maine. Selections are made in consultation with UMaine’s deans and the Division of Student Life.