About UMAA

Founded in 1875, the UMaine Alumni Association is an independent, not-for-profit, organization dedicated to advancing the best interests of UMaine and its former, current, and future students.

We do so by encouraging relationships and mobilizing resources in ways that enhance the value of a UMaine degree. Our efforts focus on:

  • providing information, programs, and events that serve our members’ personal and career interests; and
  • advocating for policies and assets that strengthen UMaine’s quality, reputation, and appeal.

The Alumni Association has more than 109,000 UMaine alumni living in 50 states and 112 countries.


Mission Statement

We represent the interests of all alumni who share the common bond of having attended the University of Maine. We represent their thinking and their expectations to the University’s leadership, to the student community, and to the residents and elected officials of Maine. We are the independent voice of the alumni.

We also represent the interests of the university to all alumni.

From our unique vantage point, we provide alumni with relevant programs, events, networking, information, and incentives to encourage them to engage in an enriching lifelong connection with the university that benefits both the university and the alumni.