April 27, 2021 – Class Updates

Greetings ’63 Class Members,

The webinar interview with Dan Churchill ’63 on March 16 was well received and is available on our Class Page on the Alumni Association website. Betty Churchill was presented with honorary UMaine Alumna status by Alumni Association President,  John Diamond, during the webinar and our Executive Committee has also made Betty an honorary member of our class.

We are investigating the possibility of having a mini reunion this fall in Portland, same schedule as the postponed event last year, i.e. lunch at DiMillo’s, ferry to Peaks Island, museum tour, back to Portland and dinner at Pat’s Pizza – stay tuned! Tentative date Sept. 22, 2021.

In 2020 about 150 Class members donated over $284,000 to some 160 different UMaine entities like scholarships, sports, buildings, museums, UMaine Alumni Association and more. The largest donation was from David Sklar ’63 (remember Ben Sklars in Old Town?) who added $100,000 to a scholarship he is building that will provide scholarships to any UMaine student needing financial assistance. More on Dave next time. Great support, everyone!

Our class fund has donated $1500 to the Student Crisis Fund, which helps students deal with Covid issues. Our Class Scholarship (in the amount of $2,226 awarded this year) went to a non-traditional student with 4.0 grade point average.

Questions or comments? Send me a note at danadolloff@gmail.com

Thank you!

Dana Dolloff – 1963 Class President