Class of ’01 Fall 2017 Class Notes

Bonnie Joy Richards Dewkett

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Another summer has passed and some of us were lucky enough to make it to Maine.  Of course, some alums are lucky enough to live there all year! Here’s what happened on or before  summer vacation this year:

Amy Hunt Morin’s new book has hit the shelves. Her second book, 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do, comes after her bestseller, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. If you haven’t already, check these out!  

Atwood Primary School recently honored Jennifer McGee (G) after winning the 2017 Principal of the Year Award. The award is presented by the Maine Principal’s Association. She was chosen for her energy and the climate she creates through her leadership. She will be traveling to D.C. soon to be honored along with the 29 other 2017 Principals of the Year.

Elaina Hopkins ’03G has announced her engagement to Terry Allen. She currently works for Unidine Corporation in Bangor. They will be married this fall.

United Way of Eastern Maine announced that Shirar Wilder Patterson ’03G has taken the helm as the organization’s CEO. She has worked with the organization for over 11 years as a staff member, volunteer, and vice president of community impact. She is the first woman to hold the position.