Class of ’71 Fall 2017 Class Notes

Barbara McCarthy Allen

59 Wildwood Drive

Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107


Hello again! Maybe you got the email about “adopting” another class. We decided that we would take over as a group of advisor-types for the Class of 2021. They will graduate as we will be celebrating our 50th Reunion. Some of us might have grandchildren in the group. Think deeply now, as many of them were born in the year 2000! Yes, they missed all the fun, but they’ll be making new fun, and we’re hoping that you’ll help us celebrate them and the milestones that they accomplish. Some of us went to their summer orientation. Others will be assisting at their move-in day, and there will be plenty of opportunities to help them out and guide them. Please let me know if you would like to participate. Another opportunity for you to see what’s new (so much!) on campus and what is the same (it’s still magically gorgeous) at the “college of our hearts always.”

Our prolific friend Mark Leslie has written another book, Chasing the Music, a mystery/thriller about the search for King David’s music of the Psalms, and another, The Crossing, which is his historical novel about a Maine community’s frightening conflict when the Ku Klux Klan established a klavern there.

Steve ’70, ’87 Hon L.H.D and Tabby Spruce King ’87 Hon L.H.D., speaking of writers, are now generously assisting the Bangor Fire Department by replacing thermal imaging cameras, which allow firefighters to see through heavy smoke and identify fire hotspots. The donation, from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, gives the department another “tool for the toolbox,” according to the Bangor Fire Chief Tom Higgins. In the past 30 years, the Kings have given millions of dollars to cities, towns, and organizations in Maine. Their foundation gave grants in 2015 totaling about $3 million to organizations statewide.

And speaking of giving, many of us have given back to the University of Maine by establishing scholarships in our names or in the names of others, in order to support the programs that we enjoyed while there, or programs that we wish we could have enjoyed. Please think of helping out the students who are there now. When you meet them, and I hope you will, you will see just how special they truly are.

George Solomon was honored on July 13 as he was inducted into the Fort Fairfield High School’s Athletic Hall of Fame, while coach Dennis Damon was selected for induction into the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame. Congratulations to both!