Class of 1937 Spring 2018 Class Note

Hope Wing Weston

Schooner Estates

200 Stetson Road, Apt. 435

Auburn, ME 04210

(207) 786-7345

Greetings to my classmates of 1937 and to all the alums in our neighboring classes. I thought it might be fun to see how many fellow UMaine grads there are living here at Schooner Estates. I knew a few, but didn’t know if there were others that I had not met. I asked our resident services director, Mark Prevost, to announce that I would like any University of Maine alumni to join us for a picture in the Camden living room. We were fortunate to get the group you see in the picture. I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and am looking forward to another year of Wednesday lunch trips throughout the state. Several of our trips are to restaurants on the coast with one this year including a cruise on Casco Bay. I still attend courses by the University of Southern Maine that I find interesting when they are offered right here at our home, Schooner Estates. Every week is filled with activities open to anyone who wishes to attend. I felt very fortunate during our recent cold spell to be warm and cozy when others were maybe not so lucky. If anyone has news to share, please send it along. You won’t have to keep hearing only my stories in each issue. Have a good summer!