Class of 1944 Class Project

In 2003 the Class of ’44 stepped forward to bring back a lost UMaine Tradition – the Bear’s Den.  For generations of alumni, the Bear’s Den was a favorite spot to meet friends, study, eat, or even have a drink.  When the Memorial Union underwent a major renovation in 2000-2002, the Bear’s Den was demolished.   Thanks to the generosity of the Class of 1944, the Bear’s Den is back at the Union, reminiscent of an old-style English pub. 

In 2006 the Class of ’44 challenged the class of 2010 to elect officers, bring back class participation and unity, and leave their mark at UMaine. The Class of 2010 has created the Traditions Trail as their class project, and have held numerous class events on campus — preserving tradition, establishing unity, and building a legacy with assistance from the Class of 1944.