Class of 1950 Summer 2019 Class Notes

Ruth Holland Walsh

Members of the Class of 1950 will be on campus celebrating the 69th Reunion on September 12 and 13. Watch for information from our Reunion Committee with the schedule of events for a very special Reunion that will include our traditional and moving memorial service, which pays tribute to the veteran members of the class as well as classmates who have died since the last reunion.

Afterwards, we will join Prexy Henry Saunders in a toast to our honored classmates and acknowledge the two plaques that hang on the wall of the suite in honor of many heroes in the Class of 1950 — particularly those of the Greatest Generation and women in the military. The Class of 1950 also has honored several individuals/friends as honorary members of the Class — all of whom have contributed time, talent, and commitment to the class. Among them are former UMaine president Susan J. Hunter, Jill Sampson, William Fink ’83, Renee Minsky, and Karen Marie Reilly.

We continue to plan for Class of 1950 projects — and thank you all for your support and encouragement!

Don Eames was recently honored for his work with the Skowhegan State Fair for some 81 years, beginning around 1935. He noted that “way back when” he was a regular attendee at the fair — and at first worked cleaning the grandstands, etc. He recently resigned from the fair’s board of directors after having volunteered for 81 years. Oh, the stories he could tell! He says he loved every moment of his volunteer jobs. He observed that the fair was better attended, less expensive, and more fun years ago! He also urges one and all to attend this truly grand fair!

Classmate Bill McKeen, Whitefield selectman, was recently awarded the Boston Post Cane at the Whitefield Historical Society as the town’s oldest resident as well as the fact that he has been a true friend to the history of the town, and plus, he is a legend in the town. The history of the cane notes that the publisher of the Boston Post gifted this gold-headed ebony cane to the “eldest male resident” of the town. The article noted that women became eligible for the cane in 1930.

Received a note from Eva Burgess Newell noting that she and Hank are living at 975 Mayflower Avenue, Melbourne, FL. Though they try to get to their cottage in Maine during the summer, they use their beachside condo in New Smyrna Beach and also visit a nearby small lake that is nature’s paradise what with sand hill cranes, mallard ducks, eagles, deer, red-headed woodpeckers, doves, and more. They also live not too far from the Kennedy Space Center, where they view many shuttle takeoff events.

Please write — and bring us up to date with all of your news. We look forward to seeing you in the fall. News will be forthcoming regarding our Reunion activities. Have a great summer.