Class of 1952 Winter 2020 Class Note

Al Cole

Al Pease

Frances “Frannie” Smart Trefts journeyed to Greenville to visit with Adelaide “Gump” Grant Ruby earlier in the summer. Gump’s daughter, Kathy, and her husband, Tom, had driven Gump to Greenville, where they rented a place for a week to enjoy a brief vacation.

Frannie recently visited Northeast Cardiology in Bangor to have her pacemaker checked. She reports that everything is okay.

Ruth Drysdale Frazier has been recovering from a stroke and is staying at her son Tom’s house. She has gained strength and her speech is perfect. She walks her dog up a bit of a hill most days. However, when she was in the back yard tending the dogs and chickens, she had trouble with the latch on the door, so decided to step over the dog door and fell. Now her leg is a bit of a problem!

Ed Huff is now a resident of Orono Commons, 117 Bennoch Road, Orono, and probably will be for the rest of his life because he has a weak heart and can’t stand up at all. He has slow mental processes, but if you ask him a question, he can answer logically, although briefly.

Roger Leach wrote, “Thela and I celebrated our 70th wedding anniversary on July 30. Wonderful memories of our years at the University of Maine as an undergraduate and after graduate work at Penn State returning to work for the Cooperative Extension Service, where I retired. We had five children, four UMaine graduates. Three of our eight grandchildren are also UMaine graduates with the other five out of state.

“We are now living in a wonderful retirement community called Sunnyside in Sarasota, FL, and enjoy many activities as well as new friends. Stop in for a visit. Thela has forgotten how to cook, but we will treat you to a delicious meal in our lovely dining room.”

And Donald Spear sent his news: “I have been very quiet following the death of Ellie, my wife of 58 years, on November 27, 2017. My storytelling was put on the back burner but I am just now involved in trying to form a storytelling group among the nearly 200 independent residents here at The Park Danforth in Portland, where I have lived for the past 10 years.

“I did manage to keep up my entanglement with the Portland campus of the University of New England across the street. I am what is called an Elder Teacher in its Physician Assistant program. I also recently became a Legacy Scholar in another program of the university dealing with elder care.”

Don turned 90 in November and says he has “about two yards of surgical scars on this little body of mine (now shrunken to 5’ 2”), so I qualify.”