Class of 1952 Winter 2022 Class Note

We were delighted to receive a note from Theo “Ted” Bryant. He attended the Senior Alumni event but was disappointed to find that he was the only ’52 grad there and perhaps the oldest grad there.

He reports: “I had a great time thanks to a young lady of 73 in the Class of ’61 hitting on me (her choice of words). We kind of hung out together for the tour of the Advanced Structures and Composites Center, watched the Maine band practice behind the alumni building, and attended the social hour and banquet.

“The band director, Chris White ’94G, is a friend and they played at the President’s House the next day for the brunch. Chris’s dad and I attended that event. When UMaine President Joan Ferrini-Mundy spoke to the band she introduced Chris’s dad also — that made his day and mine. We both attended the football game.

“Sadly, my wife, Shirley, passed away March 23rd due to a brain aneurysm that ruptured — very sudden and very unexpected but quick and painless so I am at peace but lonely. I am a longtime Maine Women’s Basketball fan and support the team and Amy, so I am looking forward to that. Chris White’s dad has two tickets to all hockey games so I will be attending those with him.

“I am still playing golf and walking one or two miles most days, tending my garden and flower beds, and now learning to cook and keep house by necessity. How fortunate I feel to be a very active 92-year-old.

“By the way I still keep in contact with Darlene Cooley Mogul of the Memphis Belles; she was one of my students.

“I wish you both well and now I see you are both still in Maine so perhaps I may find time to visit.”

Thank you also to Marilyn Cockburn Leggett, who sent this update from her home in South Burlington, VT. 

“The building I was living in is going to be renovated so we all had to move out and find a new place to live. Luckily, I got an apartment in the building across the park. I am in assisted living. Three of my children live here in Vermont. And Jack lives in South Carolina. I get out for rides and social events. I have six great-grandchildren that live here too. I love Vermont but miss Maine where I grew up in Skowhegan, and summered in York Beach! My husband was a football coach and we moved from Maine to Massachusetts, then to the state of Washington, Oregon, Michigan, and then Vermont.”