Class of 1954 Summer 2021 Class Note

Harmon D. & Jane Stevens Harvey
11 Hillcrest Street
Hallowell, ME 04347
(207) 622-6896

After a rather mild winter but year of never-ending pandemic, some indications are that our lives may be shifting toward a new “normal.” Hoorah! As what appears to be our new normal, our class news is smaller as we age and more of our fellow grads pass on. Please continue to keep us on your “to-do list.”

Our mailbox brought us a wonderful, long letter from Ronald Herzberg. Ron started by saying that after 66 years in the public health consulting business (plus 16 with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration), he finally retired at 85. However, he is still working for his wife, Patricia, who owns her own real estate firm in Plymouth, MA. Patricia was a U.S. Army member, an operating room nurse in Vietnam in 1969-1970, and by the way, is also a lawyer! Like many other ’54ers, Ron served in 1955-58; he was the senior man in the VD clinic at Fort Polk, LA.

The Herzbergs have four children, all educated and doing well. Pat has a son who’s “big in the real estate business.” Life is good for Pat and Ron, and their family has expanded to great-grandchildren. They live in a country club setting where it appears that Pat might have an edge on Ron on the greens!

Finally, a name from our freshman year at Orono! Classmate Paul Royte and I were fellow residents in the North Dorms, specifically North Dorm 12! Ironically, 65 years later, at the 2019 Reunion dinner, we reunited, along with eight other classmates to celebrate the anniversary of our graduation. At the 50th year graduates become members of the Senior Alumni and celebrate as a whole. It is with pleasure that we announce that Paul has volunteered to represent our class on this group. They meet two or three times a year.

Paul, who was a very active student at Orono and a member of TEP, graduated with a psychology degree, and later from Northeastern University with a master’s in education. He served in Germany in the U.S. Army from 1954-56. His lifetime career was spent as a licensed psychologist; he worked as a schoolteacher, school and camp professional, and after retirement, was in private practice and consultation, along with leadership roles in many local community youth organizations. He’s a very active member of several state and national professional organizations.

Paul and Wanda have four children and five grandchildren. Family recreation has included skiing, biking, and kayaking. Paul, we thank you for all of your community service and for volunteering to continue serving us at “dear old Maine” in your new position as Senior Alumni representative.