Class of 1954 Summer 2022 Class Note

As we write this column, spring is finally on its way, though you’ll read this in the summer. We were very pleased a few weeks ago to receive a surprise phone call from Paul Marcoux. A native of Lewiston, ME, Paul said he was a little older than some of us classmates, as he had worked for the Lewiston Sun Journal
before entering UMaine. He was pretty strapped for money after the first year and went to see Prexy Hauck. Paul told him his sad story, and Prexy referred Paul to Charley Crossland. In turn, Charley made another referral and got Paul a 20-hour-a-week job at the Bangor Daily News, while in school!
Paul, with his R.O.T.C. training, graduated in ’54 as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He initially served as a platoon leader in a tank company and ended his service career as an instructor in the Officers Department
of the Signal School. After discharge, Paul worked for 10 years for Chevron Oil Company in NJ, followed by 17 years with Mobil Oil Company in New York City, where he held the position of group manager of resale
advertising in North America.
In 1984, Paul retired from Mobil and founded Pemco Associates, and assisted his wife in establishing Doggie de Lites to market gourmet dog treats throughout the U.S. and overseas. He finally retired in 2010 when the business was closed. In retirement, he owned various sailboats, and was a member of several
sailing and yachting clubs in the New York and New Jersey waters. He also chartered a 64-foot boat to the Caribbean as well as participated in such ocean races as Newport to Bermuda, and the Marblehead to Halifax.
Paul is currently married to Marie Johnson of Cumming, GA, and they have two sons. Marie succeeds Paul’s first wife, Carole Miller, who passed earlier.
Another surprise telephone call we received was from Eliott Lambert, currently living in Tennessee. You may remember, from an earlier column, that Eliott is a former high school classmate of Harmon’s from Piscataquis Community High School in Guilford, ME. Eliott is retired after 30 some years in the USAF after
being a tanker pilot as well as having had several other assignments. In the past, he has enjoyed visiting daughters in Chicago, Florida, and Ellsworth, ME. However, this is no longer possible as he has, as many of
us know too well, aging infirmities and he also requires oxygen. Our best to you, Eliott! Good news was recently received from the UMaine Foundation! At the end of 2021, the principal value of our Class of ’54 Scholarship Fund was $127,139. The market is certainly helping us grow; however, there is
time and opportunity for you to join us in “paying it forward.”
As a follow-up to that good news, we received a notice from the Foundation that our scholarship of $4,138 this year was awarded to Lauren VanGorder of Tewksbury, MA. She is a senior majoring in secondary education, having graduated from Tewksbury High School. A nice thank-you note was received from Lauren. Congratulations, Lauren!
In closing, let’s do what Paul and Eliott did! Call us, email, or share a note with us to keep our “aging” Class of ’54 going strong!