Class of 1955 Winter 2021 Class Note

I do hope and pray that each of our classmates, their families and friends have
had safe and healthy lives during these recent months.

I received an email from Elaine Walts Chipman, who lives in a senior community
in Peabody, MA. After attending the university, she entered a program at a local
hospital and became a registered medical technologist, which she continued for
20 years. She likes living at Brooksby where she and her cat have lived since her
husband passed away a few years ago. Elaine indicated that due to the lock-
down, she has watched too much television, read too many books, done many
puzzles, and attended many Zoom meetings.

Muriel Verrill Gade didn’t come to Maine this past summer but hopes to get back
to Maine in 2021. Her family is in Houston, and she is thankful for her many
friends in Santa Maria, CA, but the pandemic has curtailed visiting. She is
thankful that she can get out and work in her yard and walk in a nearby park.

Mert Robinson and his wife, Donna, are concerned that they may not be able to
go to Barbados this winter because of all of the restrictions there due to the virus.
They have been going to Barbados for over 25 years, but they are keeping their
fingers crossed that they will be able to make their trip this year.

After 20 years of going to Florida, Paul and I decided not to go last year just four
days before we were supposed to leave because of the COVID-19 virus. We
found that was the best decision (although not a happy decision).

I would like to tell you a little bit about what happened at our “2020 Virtual Zoom
Reunion.” The various Zoom sessions included words from UMaine President
Joan Ferrini-Mundy; Dean Dana Humphrey from the College of Engineering; Dr.
Robert Dana, vice president for student life; and four students who told us how
Maine’s new pandemic-related health and safety protocols are affecting their
academic and social experiences. John Diamond ’77, ‘89G, UMaine Alumni
Association executive director, led a great deal of the presentations, and UMaine
Foundation personnel were present and helpful with the sessions.

Our Class of 1955 Social gathering consisted of Jon and Lois Pratt Pulsifer, Mert
Robinson, Joe Stockbridge, and Paul and me. We shared many stories and
laughed a good deal of the time.

When we were not involved in sessions, there were pre-recorded presentations
and videos through Zoom that we could watch, and these were very well

We missed you, as the two days were fun. It was great to hear the “Stein Song”
greet us at the opening session and to hear it again at the end.

We are not sure at the moment, but there may be a “live” 65th Reunion for the
Class of 1955 next September and for the classes that did not have their “live”
reunions this year. We’ll hear more about that at a later time.

Please do take good care of yourselves and I would absolutely love it if you
would send me some news.