Class of 1955 Winter 2022 Class Note

Hello, everyone. It’s time again to do my column, and I always look forward to these times, as it brings out so many wonderful thoughts of the university that I had for 71 years since I met my first classmate, my roommate Beverly Safran Klemes. We had a great year. We thought we were getting away with something when the proctor would come around and check our room for lights out. We would put towels under the door so that the proctor wouldn’t know that our lights were still on. We never got caught, thank goodness, and I am sure that was the only time in four years that neither she nor I went against the rules.

More up-to-the-minute news is the get-together that Bill and Marilyn Pennell Johnson ‘57 had at their home in South Hiram, ME. It was for the Sigma Chi’s who had not had a get-together since the pandemic happened. Most of those attending were from the Class of 1954 but also present were Al ‘54 and Mary-Alice Hastings Bancroft and Paul and me from the Class of 1955.

We had a great reunion with Bill Butler ’57 and Carol at our timeshare week in Bethel. Their daughter Melissa, our daughters Julie Butler, Jill Butler Mack, and Gail Butler White and one of our granddaughters, Caroline Mack, had fun playing games, playing golf, and swimming in the pool. We even saw a black bear, although there is a story behind that when we were questioning how many really saw the bear.

We had a nice visit with Donna and Mert Robinson. It was one of the hottest days of the summer, and the lobster rolls were the focus of the meal. We enjoy the times that the Robinsons visit us.

I’m sorry to end my column quite abruptly, but my mail box and my computer email are empty and my telephone is not ringing. It would be nice to hear from you, so that you could be included in the next issue.

Please be well, stay safe, and keep in touch.