Class of 1956 Fall 2018 Class Note

Faith Wixson Varney

69 Falmouth Road

Falmouth, ME 04105

(207) 781-3038


Hi, classmates:

Doc and Betty Brockway Nevers write, “at our mini Reunion on May 23rd the Class of ’56 voted to transfer $5,000 from our 1956 class fund to the Class of 1956 Scholarship fund. We had 44 registered between the Tuesday evening dinner and the Wednesday luncheon/business meeting. Most likely we will go back to Freeport in the fall of 2019. Our family news is that our oldest granddaughter gave us our second great-granddaughter (Eliza Anne) on June 5th. It was three weeks before her due date, but everyone is fine and home doing well!”

Dena Jewett Ackerman was in the process of sorting through her cookbooks and filing all the recipes that she has saved over the years. Can’t bring herself to throw much away but it is a trip down memory lane to read them all.

She came upon a piece from the Maine Sunday Telegram, dated May 8, 1977. It was a column “The Pantry Shelf” by Grace Richards Additon. Dena’s mother had sent it on to her. As you have guessed by now it was all about my (Faith’s) mother and her grapenut pudding recipe, along with my story about my mother and father having that at their first meal in their new home. The piece was a lovely tribute to my mother. (I don’t remember it.) She must try this recipe again; it is so special with the dates and walnuts.

It was especially relevant to Dena and Dick now, as they went to the Pemaquid area a couple of weeks ago and made their usual trip up to Moody’s Diner for lunch on Tuesday. She always insists on Tuesday because that is “grapenut custard day.” It was as good as always!

Dena writes, “It was good to see all at Freeport. It was a nice get-together.”

Bing ’54 and Jody Owen Bingham are still enjoying life at Oceanview. It is a busy place, with lots of activities practically every day. For example they went to a wine and cheese event and then dinner at one of the meeting rooms with about 70 people in attendance. They sat and talked and had a great time. Another night they took a van with eight other people to a Sea Dogs game, which the team won. They are very happy in their apartment, have made many new friends, and manage to keep busy every day, with a gym class three mornings a week, discussion groups, and many other activities. One of Bing’s fraternity brothers lives just a few cottages away, and they get together with him very often. Life is being very good to them. Jody sends cheers to all her classmates.

That’s all the news I have. Better luck next time. Please, I can’t write it if YOU don’t send it.

Faith Wixson Varney