Class of 1956 Spring 2018 Class Note

Faith Wixson Varney

69 Falmouth Road

Falmouth, ME 04105

(207) 781-3038

Hi classmates:
I had a very newsy Christmas letter from Henry “Hank”and Ian Brodersen. The highlight of their summer was a month-long visit by daughter Liesel and her two children, Haley and Brody. They visited Washington, DC, and Annapolis, and toured the country so Liesel could show the kids what her childhood was like. Then son Henry arrived with his wife, Jessie, and children Jaeger and Kort. For three days they had both of the families. The day Liesel left (for home in Arizona) they drove Henry and family to New Jersey (with a stop at Fort McHenry in Baltimore) to visit cousin Dorian. While there, Hank joined the family to go to the historical section of Philadelphia. There’s more, but you get the idea. Hank is still tooting. I’ve given up two of the bands because they were at night and I don’t do well driving at night. Quintessence (the six-piece brass quintet) still meets here on Mondays.

I also had a nice letter from Pat Nelson Madach. She has given up the travel business but continues to sew and knit for various charities and her daughter’s Zen Treasurers business.

Dick and Dena Jewett Ackerman wrote to say they had taken several trips in Maine, including one in Pemaquid/New Harbor in August, where they stayed at the old frat cabins where they’ve stayed for many years. This was their last year (the cabins). Dena had a knee replaced in October and planned to have the other done this spring. They hope to make the mini-Reunion May 22 and 23 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Freeport. I hope YOU will make it, too.

Richard “Doc” and Elizabeth Brockway “Betty” Nevers had a very active year. They went back to Massachusetts in mid-April as they had booked a trip to Iceland for the first week of May. A beautiful country — very interesting with a lot of waterfalls, and being a volcanic country the beaches were all black sand. The weather was seasonably warm — even warmer than Boston that week. They returned to Florida in September. They were blessed with their first great-grandchild (a girl named Logan) on October 20th. Over Thanksgiving they met up with Howard and Nan Gray Jackson ’62 in Englewood, FL, for lunch.

This is your column; I just edit it. As you can see, I didn’t receive much news this month. Maybe you can send “a tidbit from the grapevine, a recollection of campus life, a bit of class business.” Send it along and I’ll see what I can do.

A big Maine HELLO to you.