Class of 1958 Fall 2018 Class Note

Jane Ledyard Lazo (Mrs. Leo M.)

2229 Taylor Park Drive 

Apartment 515

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068


As you can see from the above address, there have been a few changes in my life since the last column. I am now living in Reynoldsburg near my oldest daughter and her family. I had always said that if I were the one left behind, I would not stay in a four-bedroom house with all the responsibilities. Since Leo’s death I had been sorting through things in the house — paper after paper. Everyone was home for Christmas and it was decided that I would spend some time in California checking out retirement communities near Christina.

While I was gone I received a call from my son Michael, who lives in the Worcester area, that there was damage in the house and I should come home. When we arrived, we found half the kitchen ceiling on the floor, holes in the dining room ceiling and that all 10 cast iron radiators had blown their gaskets. It was 36 degrees with no heat or water. Since then it has been one problem after another — a complete kitchen renovation, ceiling replacements, etc. At the present time, we are patiently waiting for the gas company to put gas heat in the house — they are on strike and not meeting again for 90 days. They stop digging new lines to houses in October and don’t resume again until April.

As my youngest said, “Mom, you were trying to make up your mind; I think you have been told.” I moved into Wesley Ridge Retirement Community on the 27 of May or my furniture did. I arrived on the 13th of June, and am still dealing with boxes and paper.

The Alumni Office has not received any news re the class and so far I haven’t found the right box with all my notes in it. I have heard from Sandy Daley Denman and Cyn Rockwell Wright relative to the Ladies Who Lunch on the fourth Friday in June. They had an excellent time at the Grill in Damariscotta — good food and good friends equal a great time.

It was great to see some of you in September!