Class of 1961 Spring 2018 Class Note

Judy Ohr

19332 Hempstone Avenue

Poolesville, MD 20837-2133

Springtime on campus and in our lives. So glad to say bye-bye to the cold and snow, even in Maryland. Was glad to hear from so many classmates for this column. Keep the news and photos coming; we love photos. If you haven’t checked out our photo album go to, class notes, class pages, 1961 and when that page opens, scroll down to the bottom to the photo album. (Or visit: When you click on a photo, you’ll see the cutline. Additionally, if you want to be on my notification for new photos, send me your email address.

Betsy Flynn Drake and husband, Jack, winter in Myrtle Beach, SC, and summer at Birch Bay Village, Bar Harbor. The Drakes have six grandkids and were fortunate to spend Christmas, exhausted, with all of them. I’m still grateful for the interesting tour of Bar Harbor Betsy provided during Reunion. She knows her stuff! Gingee Buckley Franco ’66G and Vince took an 11-day cruise to Scandinavia last summer. The tour included two days in St. Petersburg, Russia, where they got to visit the Hermitage. The cruise also included Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Germany. The Francos’ daughter, Elizabeth, is a dentist and instructor at the University of New England, Portland. Gingee heard from Carol Wescott Peters and John ’64, whose son Jeff is now chief legal counsel for British Aerospace. Carol and John spend most of the year in Florida.

Nancy Woods Rearick had a bittersweet moment this year as she represented her husband Danny ’58 at the induction into the University of Maine Sports Hall of Fame. Danny was recognized for setting the school’s mile record of 4.13.9 minutes, a record that still stands. Danny was unable to attend due to illness. Nancy made him proud by wearing his M sweater as she accepted the plaque. Larry Schiner ’62G and Barbara had an interesting vacation this year attending nine baseball games in nine different stadiums in 10 days. They also vacationed in Nevada. You can see photos from that trip on our class website. Larry was instrumental in the SC Low Country Lobster picnic. Andy McGarry joined them at the affair.

Etta Libby Davenport and Laurie Baldwin Liscomb enjoyed Homecoming in beautiful Maine weather. Also getting together with class friends this year were Mary Irving Fantucchio, Marcia Sayward Blake, and Laura “Janie” Wilson Sturgis ’97G. The ladies enjoyed a good lunch at Cole Farms in Gray. Dick Drisko played proud granddad at two military affairs this year. His granddaughter finished Army basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, while his grandson did the same with the Air Force at Lackland AFB, TX.

Speaking of military, Paul Daly and I attended the dedication of Butler (NJ) High School’s military memorial.More than 1,000 graduates are recognized with named pavers. Maine classmates also recognized but unable to attend were Andy McGarry, Ed Skorski ’62, and Jack Myles. Ed and Jack started in our 1961 class; Ed went into the Guard and returned to graduate later, and Jack left for Air Cadets and flew with the Air Force. Fortunately Andy and Ed were able to attend our high school reunion in September so we had the “famous four” together yet again.

I drove to Fort Leonard Wood (or as the Army calls it Fort Lost In The Woods) for Christmas to see my Army kid. While there we toured the Military Police Museum and I was thrilled to see Pete Berry’s photo on the Wall of Honor. Later I met a crusty old CID noncom who lit up and said, “You know General Berry?” I was proud to say yes but didn’t share any of Pete’s college antics.

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