Class of 1961 Summer 2021 Class Note

Judy Ohr
19332 Hempstone Avenue
Poolesville, MD 20837-2133

Lots of news. David Smith and Nancy Quigg wrote to reminisce about their years at Phi Gam and as a Tri Delt. Nancy was a cheerleader for all four years and David was the Winter Carnival king. Their two sons graduated from Orono and were members of Phi Gam. David worked for Raytheon for 30 years, and has been retired for 20 years. The couple is back in Maine with a beach house in Rhode Island. Anne Wescott Dodd ’62 C.A.S. has been busy during COVID, thanks to Zoom that included courses at Senior College, a writing group (memoir), two book clubs, and monthly Zoom gatherings with UMaine lunch group (Norine Hunt Clarke, Cynthia Downing Tanous ’62 C.A.S., Jane Petherbridge Ives, and Jean McNeary Woodard). Anne is teaching in an online M.Ed. global program for The College of New Jersey. This past semester Anne had interns (student teachers) in Mauritius, Brazil, Singapore, Vietnam, and China.

Marcia Sayward Blake rented a house in Stuart, FL, last winter before the pandemic but as the virus was talked about so much, she came home in two and a half days after driving down in four days. She stayed home in Freeport through May and then played golf last summer in the state league on the Brunswick course. Marcia enjoys watching her young grandson play basketball in Freeport (via the TV) while the older one is taking classes virtually from Unity College near Waterville. Her daughter, Susan, is teaching second grade in Falmouth while her son-in-law works for New Balance Athletic Shoe.

Kay Allen says that the most “exciting” event in her life was the six inches of snow accompanied by freezing rain and freezing temperatures this winter in Dripping Springs, TX. Subject to "rolling power outages" that shut down her all-electric house and water pump, Kay says there was plenty of water in the rainwater tank. Kay said she melted snow and boiled it for washing and pet water, and used pool water for flushing. Being a native New Englander and having spent four winters in Maine prepared Kay for cold weather survival!

Leaving the traffic and politics of Arlington, VA, is Mary Irving Fantuccio, who moved to Piper Shores in Scarborough. Mary retired from the CIA many years ago and spent her leisure hours working in production at the local community TV station. Larry ’62G and Barbara Schiner H spent Christmas with family in New Jersey and later in the week toured NYC. Jean McNeary Woodard wants to share with us the news that the College of Engineering presented the Edward Bryand Distinguished Engineer Award to two outstanding UMaine engineering graduates — Chuck Peddle ’59 and Frank Woodard ’63G. Frank served in the army before co-founding Woodard and Curran, which today has 25 locations in 14 states. Besides his degree from UMaine, Frank received his Ph.D. from Purdue University. Frank passed away in 2020. Received a sweet homemade greeting card from Ruth Bouchard Klein in an envelope with the State of Maine postage stamp. Ruth said that in March 2020, when the pandemic hit, she bought $400 of stamps and decided to fill her days sending cards and notes to friends from elementary school through college as well as distant family. Ruth is in Brunswick, where she can “walk in the woods and at the ocean to feed her soul.”

Gingee Buckley Franco ’66G and Vince ’62, ’70G spent a quiet holiday in Bangor. The couple celebrated their 50th anniversary in June. I remember it well! Speaking of weddings, Nancy Woods Rearick’s Christmas letter included a photo of Danny ’58, ’61 and her leaving on their honeymoon in 1962. Danny died in 2019. In 1987 as my first marriage was failing apart, I ended my column with a short paragraph on the meaning of working hard on marriage. Danny clipped it and taped it to his filing cabinet. Nancy still has it. Never think that your words don’t impact your friends; they do.

Meg Thompson Villarreal asks, “Can you believe it? Our 60th Reunion is this September.” Still to be
determined as of this writing — in person or via Zoom. Either way, we want, need, classmates to participate.

We are hoping to arrange pre-Reunion mini-gatherings via Zoom — sororities/fraternities, dorm groups, clubs/social groups, whatever. New technology helps us keep in touch and it is great to reconnect. Contact Meg ( to join or organize a group. It’s that easy! Make sure your up-to-date contact info is on file at the Alumni Association so we can reach out to you for a Zoom party!