Class of 1961 Winter 2021 Class Note

You might have read about the university’s plans to change the name of Little
Hall, named for Dr. Clarence Cook Little, a former president, because of his
involvement with the study of eugenics. Richard Little, his son, penned a letter to
the Bangor Daily News (July 13) in defense of his father and his dad’s
accomplishments as a trained geneticist as well as a researcher in the harms of
tobacco. Left out of the information in the alumni magazine was the fact that Dr.
Little was one of 11 scientists to found The Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor. Richard
asked the university to consider the whole of a man’s life before removing a
memorial. I suggest you Google for the complete letter. Richard lives in Amherst,
NH, and served in the USAF prior to earning his engineering degree.

Kay Allen and her roommate, Shannon Burke, have been “cocooning” diligently
because they never like to be sick and especially want to avoid COVID. They
keep busy by running Pet Furever Home and Hospice in Dripping Springs, TX,
with seven “tenants” ranging from a 40-lb boxer to a 100–pound St. Bernard
cross, and including a Labrador cross, a greyhound, a coonhound, a border collie
cross, and a basset-lab cross. They’re all at least eight years old, and several are
in their teens. Being seniors, they sleep a lot when they’re not barking at the
joggers. Sounds like me but I don’t bark!

The New Jersey City University Athletics Hall of Fame was dedicated on
February 28, 2020 as the Lawrence R. Schiner Athletics Hall of Fame.

This honor was a result of Larry’s 40 years of employment at the university, the
last 30 years as director of athletics. Larry founded the NJCU Athletics Hall of
Fame in 1979 and was inducted on two occasions before retiring in 2007.

Nancy Rich Marbury, Shirlene Heath Gosline ’73G, and Meg Thompson Villarreal
met for lunch at Nancy’s cottage in Boothbay Harbor in August. Meg is president
of her homeowners association in Brunswick. She says she’s not sure how much
good her English major is when it comes to dealing with aging sewer pumps,
falling trees, repaving roads, storm flooding, etc. When not fighting with
contractors, Meg enjoyed several of the Zoom webinars that the Alumni
Association has been offering during the “lockdown.” So impressed with the
faculty offering them. Nancy and husband, Luke, are making plans to downsize
from their home in Baltimore.

Carol Wescott Peters and John ’64 stayed in Florida last summer for the first time
but look forward to next summer in Maine. At the time of this writing, they were
planning to spend Christmas in Virginia with their son’s family. Jane Wilson
Sturgis ’97G writes that her life is very restricted right now. Zoom meetings for all
her commitments, groceries, and the drug store. Sounds about right to me!

Betsy Flynn Drake and husband, Jack, said that summer was basically not
venturing far from home but enjoying the patio, flower gardens, and entertaining
friends outside on several occasions. For this winter, they will not be going to
Myrtle Beach, but staying at Birch Bay Village in Bar Harbor!

In September, two classmates joined the “virtual” Reunion that the Alumni
Association held via Zoom. Etta Libby Davenport and Ralph Pilsbury logged on
to visit with other alumni during the Senior Alumni Social. Ralph and his wife, Susan,
live in Land O’Lakes, FL, where Ralph can play golf close to home.

Former owners of a flooring store in Damariscotta, they’ve enjoyed getting back
to Maine for visits the past few summers and look forward to our Reunion next

Here’s hoping that the next reunion will be an in-person event, but if not, the
Alumni Association can help classmates visit online.

Remember to email me photos for our photo album, which is on our class page