Class of 1963 Conference Call Thursday, March 26 Summary

  • The group decided to postpone our June 18 meeting in Portland to some future date to be determined. A postcard notice will go out and there will also be an email notice to the 269 folks we have email addresses for.  Dana and Ashley will develop the card and email.  Ron Brown will notify DiMillos and the Peaks Island museum.  Ashley will contact the Holiday Inn to get a list of those who have reserved rooms there so we can be sure they are all notified. We expect folks will have to cancel their own reservations.
  • We discussed the Page Museum project progress and recognition of our support on their website.
  • I have forwarded Jeff Mills email regarding the UMaine student crisis fund to the class officers’ email addresses and via email we have subsequently voted to contribute $500 to that fund.
  • We will schedule another call in mid April.