Class of 1963 January 2019 Conference Call Minutes

Conference Call – Jan. 23, 2019   

Present: Dana Dolloff, Perry Clough, Irv Marsters, Marcia Roak Fitzgerald, and Jim Goff

UMAA – UMAA has submitted a draft agreement to initiate our participation in the Associations Independent Advocacy efforts.  We have tentative class approval for $10,000 to support that program and to challenge other Classes to consider similar support.  The draft is a good start, but we need a clear understanding of how that money will be used. There was also discussion of whether this project should detract from scholarship, physical plant or other options.  We will revisit this issue with UMAA.

We will ask UMAA for help in evaluating potential means of increasing class participation as part of our goal setting evaluation.

Freeport – Plan A for discussion of potential next Class event is a one day program in Freeport in late Summer 2019 or 2020.  10:00 a.m. coffee at the Harraseeket Inn or Hilton Garden, lunch with a UMaine-related speaker, and class meeting.  An afternoon tour and dinner will be scheduled for those who want to stay longer. We will send a preference survey to past reunion attendees before finalizing a program and invitation.

Financial Status – At year end the Class Scholarship was valued at around $56,000; scholarship distribution in 2018 was $1,447.  The Class Fund held $28,236 with $10,000 to be allocated to the Ken Allen Scholarship, $10,000 for UMAA Advocacy, and $5,000 for the Page Museum pending further review. The Class pledged $30,000 for the Scholarship over the last 5 years and that pledge has been met so the University Foundation will be transferring $7,500 in matching funds to the Scholarship Fund.

Page Museum – Irv is looking at the Museum’s condition, value and future. He and Jim will meet with the Dean involved before recommending whether we should finalize the $5,000 donation.