Class of 1963 Spring Conference Call Minutes 2019

Conference Call – March 26, 2019

Present: Dana Dolloff, Perry Clough, Jim Goff, and Gail Hoxie Brown

Mini reunion was discussed and we will look at a one day event in Portland, Kittery or Wentworth by the Sea for spring of 2020. Perry will check out Portland locations, Gale will check out Casco Bay Lines for harbor tour options, and I will contact Wentworth.  Other suggestions are welcome.  More discussion on our next call.

Jim reported on his meeting with Dean Cervello re Page Museum.  All agreed we should complete the conditional $5,000 donation to the museum.  Irv had some questions later and I visited Patty Henner at the Museum last week (will send pictures). She has been the Museum director for some time and it’s clear restoration items are her top priority.  Paige Holmes is looking at potential recognition options.  I think our donation should be aimed at restoration projects, but will see what Paige comes up with.

Sally and I have “purchased” at student meeting room in the new engineering building.  Our class is half way to naming a workbench/work station if we come up with another $5,000.

Ashley commented on the Legislative Meeting in Augusta, very positive event, good turn out and speakers including the Chancellor and President. UMaine still gets some 25% of their funding from the State so this is an important activity.  $1,000 of our $10,000 was used for this event and Class of 63 was recognized as a sponsor.

Gina raised a question re grants and I checked with Dean Humphrey last week – a little over 50% of grant money received goes to the Department where the work is done. Not to the System.

Our Class scholarship is now up to $69,000 and there will be $3650 in the Class fund after the Page donation. Guess how much 63 class members contributed to UMaine in 2018.  Send me your answer (no cheating) and the closest guess gets a free pizza at Pat’s.

We reviewed accomplishments – Class Scholarship, Kenneth Allen Scholarship, UMAA support, Engineering Building, and Page Museum – a total of $40,000.  Most of this money came from one anonymous class member and if we develop further goals some fund raising will be needed.

Goals discussion was put off till the next call.. Ashley was asked to look at other classes and other schools alumni activity to see if there are successful programs else where that we should consider.