Class of 1963 Summer 2020 Class Note

Elaine Murphy Burnham

Hello, classmates!

Please note that our class has a correspondent. A heartfelt THANK YOU and huge kudos are sent to Barbara Fowles Allen, who wrote this column from 1988 until recently.

Your new correspondent has lived in York since 1968. Several years ago I downsized to a retirement community. Somebody else mows; somebody else rakes; somebody else plows; somebody else shovels. I love it! I can garden to my heart’s content. My son, Brad, a 1992 graduate of UMaine, is the swim coach at Bowdoin, and my daughter, Laura, lives in Amherst, MA. I am truly grateful for the five grandchildren who are growing up much too quickly.

Sporadically, I hear from Judy Phelps Finkel. She and husband, Bob, have lived in Ottawa Hills, OH, for many years, where they raised three children. She continues to teach riding.

The alumni office informed me that T. Margaret Brown, who received her master’s at the University of Maine in 1963, left $700,000 to the University of Maine Farmington to support student scholarships. A retired Portland schoolteacher, she passed away in May of 2018.

What needs to happen? I need to hear about what is going on in your lives. I look forward to your emails or phone calls or an actual visit. Finding me is not difficult. York just is not that big. I live near (about a half mile) from the beach. So as you are traveling through this great state, put me on your agenda. Then we can begin to have a newsworthy column once again.