Class of 1966 Fall 2018 Class Note

Dan Hillard

P. O. Box 138

Chandler Farms

Wilder, VT 05088

(802) 295-9044


The August mini reunion has come and gone and what a neat event it was, thanks to our gracious hosts, Carole Spruce and Bob Kittredge. Very well planned and well attended. For starters, on Thursday evening, about 36 of us met at Pat’s Pizza in Yarmouth. I understand this party lasted into the night!

Friday evening we gathered at DiMillo’s in Portland, a very popular and well-known floating restaurant. I would guess that 80 percent of us opted for the lobster. They were hard shell and super tasty. One constant at both the Pat’s and DiMillo’s gatherings was the wonderful loud chatter and the sound of people enjoying each other’s company. For those who stayed until Saturday for the boat ride, although wet and chilly, all the pictures had smiley faces. The remaining crew enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Grace, a church converted to a restaurant. All I can close with is that those of you who passed this reunion by, can gear up for our 55th in just three short years. Also, any suggestions for our 55th in three years are always welcome.

To the college of our hearts always!