Class of 1966 Summer 2023 Class Note

Hey, ‘66ers! Have any of you developed Fuch’s Dystrophy or know what it is? That’s the condition I mentioned in the last column where the cells on the inside of your corneas stop doing ‘their job’ and your vision gets progressively blurrier. From the end of October to the end of January I had surgery on both eyes replacing my non-functional cells with those from a donor, and my vision is again 20/20. So, here’s lookin’ at you, kids! 

On with the news. The Alumni office sent me an announcement that our classmate Karol Wasylyshyn had received the Elliott Jaques Memorial Publication Award, based on voting by the Consulting Psychology Journal editorial board members for the best published paper of the year. Especially worth note is that this is the third time Karol has received this award in the past five years! Congratulations, Karol! 

The same source provided the information that Bruce MacKinnon will be a member of the 2023 Maine Basketball Hall of Fame induction class. His qualifications included being a member of the ’62 Morse state champions, playing at UMaine, and coaching Sanford High to 125 wins from ’73 to ’85. 

I received a message from Sarge Means from sunny Florida awaiting the arrival of the local alumni group. He mentioned a family group photo (I didn’t get it, Sarge) that included his grand-niece Justine Means, who has been accepted to UMaine as a member of the Class of ’27. 

Bob Bean wrote to say that he was happy to read about Paul Ringwood in the last issue. He and Paul were in Navy flight training together in Pensacola, but Bob changed career paths, went to med school and became a general surgeon, and now has retired to his hometown of Norway, ME. He continues to be in touch with his TKE brothers. 

Paula Noyes Singer reported that she recently become a widow and has spent several months downsizing from a nine-room house to a good-sized apartment. ”We had accumulated a lot in 50 years!” she said. 

As I write this, Marge and I are about to depart for our fifth European riverboat cruise, this one from Prague to Berlin on the Elbe River. Expect highlights of that cruise in the next column. Until then, be well.