Class of 1966 Winter 2021 Class Note

Hello, fellow 1966 graduates!

I have assumed the position of class correspondent for the alumni magazine.
Since I agreed to do this close to the deadline for submission for the next one,
this column will serve primarily as an introduction to me. I composed the little rap
below for my wife, Marge, and my 50th wedding anniversary a few years ago,
and hope it will serve as a mini introduction.

After graduate school I was on the faculty at Bowling Green State University for
44 years and am now retired.

Please fire off any news updates you want to share to And
don’t forget, our Reunion, the 55th anniversary of our University of Maine
graduation, happens in 2021! Hopefully the pandemic will have passed and we
can meet face-to-face.

Best wishes.
Anniversary Rap

Grew up in Maine on a dairy farm,
Sweat on my brow, muscle in my arm.
Went to U. Maine in Animal Sci.,
Gonna learn to be a better dairy farmer if I try.
Junior year Dad sold every cow,
Raising the question, “What the heck do I do now?!”
Learned that hormones were pretty cool,
So off to New Jersey to graduate school.
Lots of folks in Jersey, but I found the best one.
Met Marge on a blind date, son of a gun!
Married in ’68 so that was year one.
Today (9/7/18) marks year 50 and we’re still havin’ fun!

Or at least that was the initial plan of how this column would end! I had such a
great response to my initial email blast (14 responses!) that I felt I should include
a couple of the newsy ones (stay tuned for others in the summer of ’21).

Fraternity brother Bruce Brockway reports that he retired from the forest products
industry in 2008 and he and wife, Cheryl Cheetham Brockway ’69, moved from
Old Town to Cape Cod to be near daughter Melanie and her family. As with my
history of planning to be a dairy farmer and retiring after 44 years of teaching
college, Steve Maines was a pulp and paper major who didn’t set foot in a paper
mill but was a professional photographer in Maine and in a number of developing
countries for 37 years. He spent a month in tent cities in northern Indonesia after
their tsunami. He also wrote and published a book, Dancing with Spirit,
Reflections from the Mirror of Life.

Perhaps we could start a series: “What I thought I would do with my life when I
was in Orono and what actually happened.”

Abby Zelz, my contact at the Alumni Association, reminded me that news doesn’t
have to be at the level of receipt of the Nobel Prize! If you think it’s news so will
other classmates.