Class of 1967 Summer 2021 Class Note

Karen Wessell Hull
1014 Heron Run Drive
Leland, NC 28451
(910) 769-0080

Greetings to all.
There wasn’t much news this time. Please communicate so your classmates know how you’re doing. Stanley Koski lives in Augusta, ME. He joined Central Maine Power Company shortly after graduating from the University of Maine, and spent more than 41 years with the company, retiring in 2010 as a senior electrical engineer.

Elementary education major Charlene Knox Farris ’68G retired from her position of Searsport Elementary School fifth grade teacher in 2011, after having taught in several Maine towns for a total of 40 years. Since then, she has been a substitute teacher in the Searsport High School, having followed her last fifth grade class up through the grades to graduation. COVID-19 has put her subbing on pause. She hopes to return to the work and being with the students in the fall.

Many thanks to Brenda Erickson, who sent a Christmas letter. She reported:
“I am faring well and except for missing my museums and concerts have very few complaints.

“About seven of us in the neighborhood spend time socially distancing in one of their yards. We needed to talk to someone other than ourselves. My contribution was to make cocktails on Friday afternoon, as if for most of us the day of the week mattered. My view — if a cocktail has lots of fruit juice, it is a food. I even made Quarantinis, which seemed appropriate.

“I did escape for five weeks to the Adirondacks, renting the same cabin I have had for years. I can still make the drive in one day. My sister Ruth came over from her place in Vermont, so I was not totally isolated. I am on a lake where I go kayaking while also walking around the area.

“I did help a friend document her art collection. She was at loose ends after the death of her husband. So, I spent Tuesdays entering data into an Excel file. Actually, it was a very pleasant break to get to know her pieces of art and to revisit some of the artists that I know and to learn about a number of new ones.

“A friend of mine had her house all cleaned and reordered within a month of the lockdown. Mine is as chaotic as ever despite trying to do some well-needed disposal. Per usual, I seem to accumulate paper faster than I can toss it. My only gain is that I keep finding books that I have not finished. So, I have finished them and to my delight most of the endings were more compelling than the beginnings. Our local little free libraries have been active and not just because of me.

“Not my usual ramble but that is what confinement will do for the soul.”