Class of 1968 Summer 2022 Class Note

For Nancy Millay Curtis the University of Maine is a family tradition. Nancy was a nursing major, and lives
in Bowdoinham, ME. Her parents were members of the Class of 1944, and two grandsons were enrolled
during the recent academic year. One just finished his first year and the other recently graduated. In
addition, the two grandsons have cousins who are in the junior and sophomore class at UMaine. That meant
that there were four young men related to each other, one in each class.
(Nancy, you may remember me as Betty Loew.) I got to know Nancy briefly during my freshman and
sophomore years as a nursing major. Instead of continuing in nursing, however, I went on to become an
educator and graduated with a B.S. degree in education. One of my most memorable experiences was
when I taught natural history at the Maria (Ma-RY-yah) Mitchell Association, Nantucket Island,
Massachusetts. All those science classes have been an anchor for me, not only as an educator, but in my
personal life as well. It’s wonderful to reconnect with Nancy after all this time. I’m sending a big Maine
“Hello” to everyone!

Classmates, please keep in touch. Send us a few lines about what you have been up to. I wish my
classmates the very best!