Class of 1970 Summer 2023 Class Note

Was thrilled to receive an email from Kenneth Roy — an email that had me both smiling and giggling as I read. Ken took me up from our last column when I had added at the end, “Well, guys — that’s it! And, as usual, I would LOVE to hear some news (any news!).”

So — here’s his news! Since graduation, he’s been “living in exile” in Pennsylvania and returning to Winslow every summer to visit family. During his summer trips “home,” Ken is busy kayaking the Atlantic and the rivers and lakes all over the state (often with his friend, Sandy Turbyne). Hoping to fully retire sometime this year, Ken spent 40 years being a research scientist — and is presently completing 10 years of consulting. His consulting company is called LeShanShui Consulting, which he explains is his Chinese name. Let Ken explain this in his words, which I found interesting. 

“The Chinese don’t use literal translations but rather personal attributes. In my case, a Shanghai friend was looking at the screensaver on my laptop, which showed me and my kayak on an island in Frenchman Bay with Cadillac Mountain in the background — so she used that as inspiration for my Chinese name — the three characters can be interpreted as ‘someone who loves the mountains and the waters,’ so I had a Maine soul even while living in Shanghai.” 

So, there you go! I love it! Evidently, Ken used to breed horses (which he no longer does), but he still has his horses. Listen to some of their names — Penobscot, Winslow, and China Lake! And over the doors on one of his barns is a string of lobster buoys (he sent a picture — it was so cool!). Now I’ll let all of you decide where Ken Roy’s heart is — LOL!

Christine Reynolds Force sent this recollection: “My first memory of UMaine was attending a chemistry class there when I was a junior in high school. I met my former husband at UMaine. We married at the end of my junior year, moved to Portland, and I transferred to USM, where I graduated in 1970. 

“While I was at UMaine I marched in the parade protesting the Vietnam war and I was in the photo behind Richard Lindsay ’69, who was leading the protest. My favorite classes were creative writing and philosophy, both of which helped me to become a more critical thinker.”

It is mid-April at this writing, and I’m still buried under a TON of snow! I’m beginning to give up all hope of ever seeing spring and summer (maybe even fall!). In March we surpassed 400 inches of this white stuff at the “mid-mountain” — the most snow Steamboat has seen since 2010. Chuck would come into the house after attempting to plow and say, “Sudy, I have no idea where to plow this anymore!” Everyone was having the same problem. Wow! I’m beginning to sound like Eeyore, aren’t I?! 

Now moving on to something positive — our house/property went back on the market just a week ago and we’ve already had several showings. Here’s hoping that our next column might be written from Maine! Tee-hee!

Hugs — smiles — and love,