Class of 1970 Winter 2020 Class Note

Sudy Taylor Graham

Afraid that these class notes are going to be short and sweet — and just from a couple of newspaper clippings. ☹ I do keep up with many of you through emails, phone calls, and Facebook, but that’s because our friendship goes back to our university days and we’ve either kept up with one another or have re-connected over the years. Without permission, I’m not comfortable in sharing those “conversations” — plus, I’d be writing about the same people over and over (heaven forbid!). So if you are reading this column, please send us a quick note to tell me how you’re doing (no matter how brief and simple — just something). It would make our column soooo much more interesting and fun to read! If I sound like I’m begging — I am!

George Smith, you are nothing short of amazing! Despite all the challenges that ALS throws out to you, you keep pursuing your passions! Many of you, I am sure, are able to associate George Smith as being a columnist for the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel. This past May, the ALS Charitable Family Foundation in Massachusetts paid for a weekend getaway at the Samoset Resort in Rockport for George and his family (all planned by his three kids). With a chuckle, I’m sure, George tells us that he now has a van that accommodates his wheelchair (which Linda makes him call his “power chair”)! As I continued to read the article, what struck me the most is all the love and support George receives from his family and friends — truly a blessing.

This past summer, three University of Maine graduates were named the 4th of July parade grand marshals in Thomaston: Michael E. Mayo, Daryle Shaw Hahn ’75 C.A.S., and William S. Hahn ’69. Daryle has been extremely involved in her community — the list of her activities goes on and on and on! Impressive, Daryle!

Now for some Stephen King ’87 Hon. L.H.D. news. There’s a new TV series — expected to come out sometime in 2020 — based on his book The Stand. And Stephen’s comment about this series? “I believe it will take viewers away to a world they hope will never happen.” So, all of you fans, get ready! Also, his latest novel is called The Institute. “The synopsis posted on his site describes a story about a young boy with telekinetic and telepathic powers, who is kidnapped after his parents are murdered. He’s taken to the mysterious Institute, where the director and her staff ruthlessly experiment on kids with special powers.” So there you have it.

Putting books aside (and movies — and TV series) there’s another side of Stephen King. How many of us knew that it was his love of baseball that began the plan to build the Shawn T. Mansfield Stadium 30 years ago (along with Dave Mansfield)? Today the stadium is not only the home field for many of Bangor’s leagues; it also hosts many tournaments and multiple leagues. This year they hosted the eastern regionals for the Senior League World Series. It all started with a need and a vision seen 30 years ago.

Have a great winter season — and I hope many of you will drop me a quick note!