Class of 1970 Winter 2024 Class Note

Well, here we are again! This time, I will start with myself (because I actually have some news!). I am now back in Maine — Vassalboro, to be precise. We arrived on August 16th — with three horses, three dogs and a cat in tow. Definitely something I’d rather not repeat any time soon (let’s see — three tire blowouts on the horse trailer, a huge water tank flying off the trailer and slamming into my car — getting the dogs, cat, and crates in and out of motels — and me beginning to doubt our decision to move!). But we’re here — and all is OK! I say “we,” but actually Chuck needs to stay in Steamboat a bit longer in order to finish a house which is taking longer than anticipated. So I’m here unpacking boxes (and boxes and more boxes) trying to get everything to fit into an old 1790 farmhouse. It’s beginning to come together — and I’m still smiling (most of the time LOL).

Received another beautiful email from Jeffrey May catching us up on his latest news. First of all, he’s doing great; however, he is now living with a pacemaker. In Jeff’s words: “It provides a whole new meaning to the term ‘personal computer!’” The reason? Since he has a low resting heart rate this “personal computer” helps him to keep a reasonable heart rate. Anyway, he is back jogging, traveling, and staying active! Laura, his oldest daughter, graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix and is working on her master’s in early childhood education. Ally, his youngest, is a junior at Auburn University. Jeff continues to work since his research grant got approved for another five years — and his wife, Lisa (a radiologist), has another two years before retirement. BUT, after that they plan to travel (Iceland and Greece being high on the list)! Oh — Maine is on that list, too.

Larry Sirois is still teaching and still loving it — after 54 years! It all started at the Walton School in Auburn where Larry taught math and coached both track and cross country. During his second year the district reconfigured the schools so that only 9th graders were being taught at the Walton School (this included students from several neighboring towns). In 2000 he made the shift to become an adult education teacher in Maine School Administrative District 52, where he still works part time. Although it presented new challenges, Larry finds teaching adults very rewarding and has no plans to retire anytime soon!

Well, guys, that’s all for this time! Sure would love to hear from more of you (just saying)!