Class of 1971 Fall 2018 Class Note

Barbara McCarthy Allen

59 Wildwood Drive

Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107


Here’s to a happy and healthy winter for all of you. While you are reading this, please think of something to send me to include in the next issue. I would love to hear from you.

Jim Julia has retired and sold his auction business, James D. Julia Auctioneers, in Fairfield, ME. He was an auctioneer for about 50 years, having sold such treasures as the Annie Oakley gun collection and George Washington’s 1781 map of the Battle of Yorktown. His business generated an estimated $600 million to $700 million in auction sales over the years.

Sadly, we recently learned of the death of Jim Chaplin, who was captain of the UMaine baseball team in 1971. His ERA of 1.02 during his junior year is a record, which still stands to this day. According to his friends, Jim understood baseball and had a gift for sharing that knowledge and love of the game.

Richard Meader was recently inducted into the Maine Sports Hall of Fame, having coached basketball at UMaine Farmington and then for Thomas College in Waterville. He was a founder and director of the Pine Tree Basketball Clinic, serving more than 50,000 Maine basketball players over four decades.

With over 150 students at the annual Etiquette Dinner on campus, Paula Sheehan Paradis spoke to the students, discussing the customs and rules for polite, professional behavior at the table for business class etiquette.

Bob Creteau and his wife, Claire, have retired and closed Creteau Photography Studios in Sanford. They captured memories for thousands of people in York County. They purchased the business in 1985 from Bob’s father.

More wonderful Mark Alan Leslie books have been released. The Last Aliyah is his most recent. Before that, he published The Three Sixes, which is a geopolitical thriller told from a Christian worldview. His books are available on Amazon, in both paperback and eBook. Mark has won six national magazine writing awards. He has written nine books, including three historical novels. He lives in Monmouth, ME, with his wife, Loy.

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