Class of 1971 Winter 2020 Class Note

Barbara McCarthy Allen

Hello, my friends,

In 2021, we all will meet in Orono for our Class of 1971 50th Reunion. Yes, believe it or not, it will have been 50 years since we moved on from our fun-filled last days at the “college of our hearts always” and faced the fact that we were to be regarded as adults. For many of us, it was not an easy transition, and now, after 50 years, it’s time to catch up on what we might have accomplished since then.

We have a 50th Reunion Committee and have already met with some classmates to plan the big get-together. It will happen in the autumn of 2021. The reunion dates are settled by the university and are not negotiable. Will there be football? Maybe. We will, though, have plenty of fun entertainment and gatherings where we will assemble and renew many of our friendships.

If you would enjoy being a part of the planning committee, please get in touch with us, either through me or through the UMaine Alumni Association.

At the end of this past school year, Elizabeth Chadwick ’91G retired after teaching in the Farrington Elementary School in Augusta, which she and her father had both attended. She taught there for 47 years. Such dedication is indeed rare, but she always enjoyed having children with her and she cannot think of any other thing that she would have preferred doing.

Mary Blackstone spent a year at the University of New Brunswick at Fredericton as an exchange student and went on to pursue her graduate studies there, earning a doctorate in English. She served as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto. Teaching in Pennsylvania and serving as the first dean of the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, she was able to retire from Regina several years ago, and settled in Ellsworth. She now travels to Canada with her husband, doing research, but returns to Ellsworth, where she is an avid Garden Club member.

Hoping to hear from many of you who will be anxious to return with us to Orono and enjoy each other’s company. More information will be forthcoming about our 2021 Reunion. Please get in touch with your friends and classmates and plan to meet with us on campus. We are really looking forward to it.