Class of 1971 Winter 2022 Class Note

So, after all of the planning and anticipation for our 50th Reunion, it all came to an end due to COVID-19. Everyone at the University of Maine seemed to be involved, and everyone involved was disappointed. Next year, hopefully, we will be able to enjoy some time together and laugh about this whole experience. Please don’t give up or give in — we will soon be seeing each other.

Homecoming did happen, and we would love to hear if any of our classmates attended. Homecoming is mostly outside, involving football and walking around on campus. It’s not the same as the university that we left behind, which was a wonderful place that most of us adored, but it’s better in so many ways. I have told many people that the first time that I received a beautiful Christmas card with a picture of the mall all snow-covered, looking at the library, I burst into tears. It’s a magnificent sight that you can never really get past, no matter how many years have gone by.

Wishing you an early taste of spring, good health, and much happiness.