Class of 1973 Summer 2019 Class Note

Rachel Davenport Dutch

Craig Shinn sent us an update on his very full life since leaving the University of Maine. He, now emeritus professor in the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University, Oregon, has been honored with numerous awards that reflect his career. Craig received the school’s Center for Public Service Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to conciliatory governance. The American Society of Public Administrators Evergreen Chapter awarded him the 2017 Award for the Advancement of Collaborative Governance, honoring those who effectively promote and engage in a new and growing form of governance that integrates stakeholders into government agency decision making and policy development. In 2018, the Special Districts Association of Oregon presented Craig with the Lifetime Educational Achievement Award, created with him in mind and to be awarded annually. One of his Ph.D. students was honored with the 2018 Doctoral Dissertation Award by the Network of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration. In September, Craig’s most recent book, New Public Leadership: Making a Difference from Where We Sit, was published. Even though retired, Craig’s activity level has not dropped: he still teaches, works with doctoral students and professionals, and, most especially, focuses on his family, particularly his grandchildren. His other joy involves his pottery shed, a passion he discovered as an undergrad in Orono.

Dana Corey, Brewer High School’s coach of the first-ever state champion baseball team, was named Maine Coach of the Year by the American Family Insurance All-USA Maine Baseball Team.

We have a new author in our ranks — Jack Cashman has written An Irish Immigrant Story. The historical novel traces Irish immigrants who escape the famine and move to America, where they face new challenges. You can find Jack’s book in some bookstores as well as on Amazon.

Bart and Stephanie Bubar Knight welcomed their fourth grandchild, Lily Diana, last fall.

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