Class of 1973 Summer 2022 Class Note

Among the dozen Maine athletic elites inducted into the Maine Sports Hall of Fame this year is Ron Cote, a
three-sport star at St. Louis High, outstanding quarterback at the University of Maine, and longtime coach of
high school and college teams. His success included 350 wins as boys’ and girls’ basketball coach at
Biddeford High School in his hometown. Congratulations, Ron.

I received the sad news of Stephen E. Goodwin’s death at 77 on November 21 from COVID-19. Stephen
lived in Richmond with his wife, Jane, and had worked in agricultural sales and consulting for the past 35
years. His sister, Ellen Goodwin Torrey ’75, relayed this information to me. Our condolences to his entire

My hope for us all is an end to these years of isolation. Please reach out and let us know how you are faring.
Keep well.