Class of 1974 Winter 2022 Class Note

Apparently when the majority of classmates turn 70, they forget how to email or are retired so they don’t think they have anything interesting to say! Believe it or not, we do like to hear your news, family updates, and adventures!

Joseph “Jay” Conboy has lived and worked in Portugal since 1986. He said: 

“From my own experience, I know how difficult it can be for U.S. citizens to vote while living or studying abroad.” Jay works with a group of volunteers who help U.S. citizens abroad register to vote, request, and submit their absentee ballots. He recently contacted the director of international programs at UMaine and offered his assistance.

“As an alum of UMO, I want to do all I can to support current students to participate in our democracy wherever they may be in the world,” he wrote.

Don and I are having a busy year with David Grant retiring from the Marine Corps, Mike Grant ‘97 having a successful arborist business, and our grandson getting married in November! And we got a party boat.

I reconnected with Willis ’75 and Jeanne Kimball Smedberg.

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