Class of 1976 Winter 2020 Class Note

David Theoharides

Hello, ’76ers!

I hope you all had a great summer and fall with lots of opportunities to get outdoors, see family, and vacation. I am now nine months into being retired and I am slowly figuring it out! It’s not as easy as I thought it would be after working for 42 years! Many of our classmates are also taking that next big step into retirement. That should give you all some extra time to drop me a note or an email to update our class notes.

Mary Ambrose Dumais ’80G retired last June after 42 years as a teacher for the Winthrop School Department. She started at Winthrop Middle School with her last 19 years at Winthrop High School.

Registered Maine Guide and author Earl Brechlin recently published a new book of interconnected essays recounting his annual canoe trips to the North Maine Woods. On the back cover of Return to Moose River, Earl states, “Someone once asked me how much I charge to guide people into the woods.”

“That’s free,” I explained. “Anyone can get themselves into the woods. You pay me to get you out.”

Last summer veteran Bangor High School Athletic Director Steve Vanidestine ’81G was inducted into the Maine Sports Legends Hall of Honors. Steve became the school’s athletic director in 1984 and since then the Bangor teams have captured 72 Class A state championships. Peter Maher G, co-founder of Sevee & Maher Engineers, is stepping back from the role of president and is now the chief financial officer. He and fellow engineer John Sevee started the business in 1985.

Dave Jeffrey, president of Brewer Timing Services, was featured in an article in the Bangor Daily News last summer about his thriving business that provides timing services for hundreds of track meets, cross country races, and road races around the state of Maine.

Alan Jepson and Brenda Nasberg Jepson ’78, owner/operators of Crown of Maine Productions, are completing a documentary film entitled Cycling Acadia – Carriage Road Encounters. A clip of the file can be seen at

Stephen Oliveri (wildlife management) and Kristina Weeks Oliveri (zoology and education) ’91G (counselor education) both retired in 2014. Steve finished his career at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray as assistant superintendent. Kris finished hers at the Maine State Museum as an educator. She also spent nearly 10 years as the coordinator of volunteers there.

“We have two children; our son is from Ecuador and our daughter is from Guatemala,” they reported. “They are grown and out on their own. We have extensive gardens, fruit trees, and spend lots of time outdoors.”

Thanks for sending me your updates. Until next time, have a good winter.