Class of 1978 Fall 2018 Class Note

Linda Card

52 Wildwood Drive

Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

(207) 799-0545


REUNION October 26-28 at Homecoming


Hi everyone,

I know that you all are out there, but I haven’t received any news.

Something must have happened in your life since our graduation in 1978, and your classmates want to know.

Where are you living and working, and what are you doing for fun?

Whether you’ve had same job since 1978 or have bounced around, we want to hear from you.

Please send an update!

There’s just one piece of news to report this time.

Robert Young, who lives in Salt Lake City, UT, wrote: “I received my Ph.D. in Metropolitan Planning Policy and Design from the University of Utah in May 2018.” Robert has been teaching at the University of Utah, where his research focuses on the stewardship of the built environment, including the reuse of both historic and non-historic buildings. He studies sustainability and reusing existing buildings as a form of recycling.