Class of 1978 Summer 2021 Class Note

Rev. Linda Card
52 Wildwood Drive
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
(207) 799-0545

Dear classmates,
How did you fare during the pandemic? What did you do to maintain a measure of physical and mental health during the past year? I hope you’ll be willing to share the things that helped you make the most of our collective time of stay-at-home orders and social distancing. I found listening to podcasts helped me stay sane. Netflix is great, but that meant staying close to the television or laptop. However, I could ask Alexa to play a podcast and continue going about my daily chores. It was a lifesaver!
Charles Beck has decided to retire from his 40-year career at Maine Public Radio. He graduated with a double major in broadcasting and music, then joined Maine Public Broadcasting in 1980 as a reporter, announcer, and the classical music host. After 10 years at MBPN, Charles took a leave of absence to earn his master’s degree in communication management. Upon returning to MPBN, he focused on the management and programming aspects of the network. In the words of Senator Angus King to Charles, “You’ve been a presence in Maine for the past 40 years. But most of all, you’ve been our friend . . . you’ve been the voice of public broadcasting and you’ve done that with integrity and spirit and good humor.”
Enjoy your retirement, Charles!
The Maine Republican party has reelected Demi Kouzounas, a Saco dentist, as their chairperson. She was first elected as the party’s chair in 2017, succeeding Rick Bennett in spite of her shorter political resume. In coming off a challenge to her leadership in 2019, she declared the party had been “too nice” and would seek to be more like Donald Trump and Paul LePage ’75G.