Class of 1983 Summer 2023 Class Note

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy, lyrics of course made famous in Porgy and Bess. There will be more musical reminiscing shortly that does not date as far back! Here’s hoping that one and all are enjoying your summer wherever you may be. After a decade-long hiatus, I’ve agreed to serve as your humble class correspondent. With our class set to celebrate our 40th Reunion at Homecoming on October 13th I wanted to ensure we had a representative on hand to report on the occasion. 

Forty years, does this seem remotely possible? During my college years I had a weekly air shift at WMEB (the college radio station) and thought it would be of use as we reflect back on 40 years, to reach out to classmates for their memories of live music on campus. Now our memories can be foggy, especially when reflecting upon the Alfond hosting the Grateful Dead! But Ken Whiteside, now living in Hampton, NH, indicated that concert was his favorite highlight from our senior year and recalled a banner hanging in the rafters that said “UMO is Dead-icated.” He and I also shared a memory of the large number of “deadheads” who traveled up to Orono and were camping out for tickets in the parking lot willing to swap all kinds of “goods” for tickets as they were tight on cash. My colleague at WDME and music director for the station our senior year, Kevin Mattson, of Beverly, MA, remembered several shows from the J. Geils Band to Bill Chinnock and of course Chuck Berry performing in the Field House. However, we were uncertain of the years they appeared. We did recall the show that was broadcast live in the Memorial Gym of Devo with Wall of Voodoo. In essence, it was an early version of a Zoom concert, a live feed and watching a screen with the Energy Dome helmet handed out. I guess we were early adaptors after all!

In class news we’re at that age when some of you are embracing the “R” word, retirement! Susan Gervais Whitehead, the first woman to serve as the CEO of NorState Federal Credit Union of Madawaska, ME, recently retired after a 34-year career at the institution where she started as a utility clerk. Sue served as CEO since 2013 and stated that “it was as honor to serve our membership for 34 ½ years, with the last nine and a half being entrusted to lead the organization as CEO.” Congratulations to Sue!

While some of us are being honored as we retire others are being celebrated for passing milestones. Such was the case for classmate Tim Prescott ’01G. Presque Isle High School recently created a 300-win club to recognize their coaches. In February of this year, Tim was honored along with two other coaches for his contributions to Presque Isle basketball, as he led the team to 329 wins over a 26-year career. 

John Kilby, of Vista, CA, wrote that he authored a new children’s book, The Fish Stick Detective. The graphic novel, published in March, is available at all major online booksellers or by ordering through your local bookstore. The book features detective Hake Pollock, in trench coat and fedora, who works to solve the mystery of the missing Neil diamond. With humor, word play, and fun facts, it’s a story for both children and their older relatives to enjoy.

Finally in class news Robert MacGregor has reached a stage in life that many of us aspire to find, making the time to help others. In 2015 he founded the Waldo County Woodshed, a volunteer non-profit group that works to provide free firewood to people in need in the Waldo County area. You can learn more about the Woodshed by going to the website,

As you receive this issue and look over your class notes I hope you will consider submitting your own! You can do that with an email to me at You can also use the online form at Send along a favorite memory, a milestone, or perhaps a travel adventure! Here’s hoping you will also consider returning to campus this fall and attending our 40th Reunion at Homecoming. There will be a variety of activities, from the football game to a women’s ice hockey reunion, department gatherings, etc. I look forward to seeing you there on October 13th!