Class of 1986 Winter 2022 Class Note

Greetings, Class of 1986! Shovels are out here in my corner of Maine!

Matthew Heizler G, ’93 Ph.D. was the recipient of the 2022 Distinguished Research Award at New Mexico Tech (NMT). This top faculty award went to Matthew for his almost 30 years of academic service and advocacy to NMT, geoscience, and the world. His work involves the aging and history of rocks and during his tenure at NMT, he has published 213 peer reviewed publications, been cited nearly 5,000 times, and advised and mentored numerous students. His research has spanned many topics, including work to resolve the persistent controversies about the uplift of the Rockies, age of the Grand Canyon, and the evolution of the Rio Grande.

I got an inspiring note from Kathleen E.R. Murphy late this spring. She writes: “I am proud to announce that I published my third book in May of 2022. The book is titled Inspired! By the Wisdom Whisperer, and is focused on teams and leadership. My first book is titled Wisdom Whisperer, and the second one is Evolve! With the Wisdom Whisperer. My first two books are focused on providing business advice via a mentoring format, and have been read by people all around the globe. I’m also proud to announce that I completed an 18-month sports coach research project at the beginning of 2022, and that I will be considering publishing the results of my findings in an upcoming book. This year also marks my fourth year being an advisory board member to the Maine Business School and the Graduate School of Business.” 

By the time you read this publication, I will be looking up at a mounted moose rack. I had the good fortune to draw a “once in a lifetime” bull moose tag in the October 2022 hunt in Zone 1 in the North Maine Woods, about 25 miles from the Canadian border. If you’re not “from here” this may mean nothing to you and many times while I was tip-toeing around for hours in what seemed like prehistoric forests, I thought, “no one who was not here will ever understand.” The moose hunt was a successful and life-changing adventure, thanks to Big Mountain Outfitters guide service and my moose-hunting friends. 

Happy 2023, Class of 1986 friends, and stay in touch.