Class of 1987 Fall 2018 Class Note

Andrew P. Nagelin

56 Gibson Street

Medford, MA 02155


Class of ’87 Notes

Greetings, Class of ’87. As I write this I am heading off on another business trip. It seems each summer becomes busier than the last. Unfortunately, this constant travel makes these precious summer months pass too quickly.

Over the 4th of July week my wife and I traveled to Vancouver, BC, and took a Disney Alaska cruise. It was a fantastic experience with lots of hiking and great food! I encourage all of you to travel as much as you can while you can.

In June I lost my father at age 88. My parents were able to travel for several years after they retired and got to Alaska twice. Late in life they were not able to travel very much and in recent years had to give up air travel. In the end my father had many friends, few regrets, and traveled widely.

As summer closes and we travel further into middle age it is a time to reflect and assess where we are in this season of our lives.

Not all dreams and aspirations can be realized. But it is important to always be living life on purpose and with purpose. It is easy to become distracted and miss out on so much that truly matters.

I grew up in Maine and always enjoyed the woods and ocean. With the recent passing of my father I find myself often reflecting on the times we spent together hunting and fishing.

From hanging off the pilings on the Brewer side of the Penobscot fishing for smelt to fishing for flounder in Eastport, and many brooks and lakes across the state, we had a lot of quality time that I will never forget.

Life isn’t always a Facebook post about all the great things we are doing. Sometimes life is hard, difficult, and challenging. We can’t avoid the seasons of our lives and the loss of people in our lives whom we love.

We all end up at the same place; it’s how we get there that matters.

Make your journey interesting and have a life well lived.