Class of 1988 Summer 2019 Class Note

Deborah Carll Curtis
Little news to report this time around, Class of ‘88; if you have news to share, please send it my way. Your classmates would enjoy hearing about your activities!

As with all things, time is passing, and with it comes retirements. Mary “Kathy” Cahill announced her high school coaching retirement in September 2018. Kathy had been the swimming and diving coach at Brewer High School for 30 years. During some of that time, Kathy worked with the Penobscot Valley Conference in a leadership capacity and was at one time president of the Maine Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association. She has also consistently “been a strong advocate for interscholastic diving,” according to the Bangor Daily News. Kathy shared with the Bangor Daily News, “Diving is one of the 12 events in a swim meet. It is a definite skill set that allows a student an opportunity to participate and to be part of a team. I love the opportunities diving affords.” Thank you, Kathy, for your dedication to your sport and to the youth of Maine.

The other news I have to share is about John Agostinelli as he is the co-author of the book Easy Money and the American Real Estate Ponzi Scheme, a book endorsed by Edward Pinto, Co-director of the American Enterprise Institute Center on Housing Markets and Finance. Look him up at or on YouTube. Or you can find his book at any of the usual booksellers.

John also said, “I attended Homecoming weekend for the first time in 29 years and met up with several Sigma Chi fraternity brothers. What a great weekend!”

John, congratulations on your success, and I am sure your Sigma Chi brothers are very proud.-

Until next time, Class of ‘88, take care.