Class of 1989 Summer 2020 Class Note

Heidi Woodward Keyho

Hello, classmates,
I hope you are all doing well and keeping healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic.

As I write this communication, many states are practicing stay-at-home orders. I am going to guess many of you with college-age students have them back home, doing online classes. These collective cultural touchstones like COVID-19 tend to define a generation. I feel bad for those first-year college students who have had their freshman experience impacted, as well as those seniors who will not be able to have an in-person commencement ceremony. It makes me think of the Challenger space shuttle explosion during our freshman year. I heard about in passing on the sidewalk while walking from the Stodder Hall Dining Commons to class. I bet many of you remember where you were when you heard the news as well.

Retirement news
Rob Susi, former school resource officer at Falmouth High School, retired after 26 years on the job, and 30 years on the local police force. Falmouth Police Chief John Kilbride said, “Susi’s gentle nature and the ability to connect with students, staff, and administrators made him an outstanding school resource officer. He truly loved the students and was able to create deep mutual trust, connection, and respect with all age groups.”

Rob is now the school safety and security specialist with the Maine Department of Education and said one of his goals is to track and work with various school resource officers in the state.

Kellie Doyle Bailey, who holds an ’89 BA in speech communication and ’92 MA in speech language pathology, authored a children’s book on mindfulness, Some Days I Flip My Lid: Learning to Be a Calm, Cool Kid. Her daughter, Hannah Bailey ’18, with a BA in art education, illustrated the book. The book was published by PESI Publishing & Media and can be found on Amazon.

Jack Capuano has been named the associate head coach of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators.

Matt Rossignol has been hired as the boys’ varsity basketball coach at Madawaska High School. This winter marked Matt’s 30th year as a head coach. He was inducted in the 2016 Maine Basketball Hall of Fame and 2017 Maine Principals Association Hall of Excellence.

Ben Spike was inducted into the University of Maine Sports Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, the University of Maine dropped the men’s and women’s soccer and women’s volleyball program due to budget cuts in 2009. “It is the only Division I program in the state. That our flagship university has no representation [in men’s soccer] is really disappointing,” Spike said. Spike lives in Portland and is in the insurance business.

Stay healthy.