Class of 1990 Summer 2022 Class Note

Happy summer! Summer is one of my favorite seasons. Our youngest child committed to
UMaine for fall 2022 so now we will have two students at UMaine. Go Black Bears!

Jon Bach wrote in! He lives in Washington state, just north of Seattle (on nearly the same
latitude line as Orono). Jon is celebrating 11 years at eBay and was newly promoted to
director of program management. He is responsible for ensuring core eBay experiences
(bidding, buying, selling, offers, payments, etc.) are working well while coordinating with
customer support, engineering, and product experience teams. He has been in quality-
related aspects of software development since 1995, even though he graduated with a BA
in journalism. However, Jon uses his journalism skills every day and once in a while, he
writes a story for the company’s newsletter/blog. Right after graduating from UMaine he
wrote a book. Thanks for sharing your news, Jon.

In the 2021-2022 season, two previous UMaine hockey players, Greg Hirsch ’96 and Guy
Perron ’04G, joined Bangor High School as volunteer hockey coaches. Greg’s son, Jake,
was the senior goalie and Guy’s son, Marc-Andre, was a freshman.

John “Jake” Akoury of the Bullfinch Group was named Five Star Wealth Manager for the
third consecutive year. Jake lives in Danvers, MA, and has offices in Topsfield and
Needham. He has an MBA from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business