Class of 1991 Summer 2023 Class Note

We made it through another winter and are getting ready to enjoy (in my opinion) the best time in Maine — summer and early fall. It’s also a great time to meet up with old friends and classmates. This summer I’ll be getting my oldest son ready for college and have already started flooding him with stories of my life on campus, living with strangers who became friends for life, and encouraging him to make the most of the years. 

Send me an email with your fondest memories of life at UMaine, or if you’ve had children go off to college, what is completely different? I’d love to put that in the next column.

Thanks to Gary Atwood for sending me an email with his updates (first time sharing, but I hope not the last). Gary was promoted to library assistant professor at the University of Vermont’s Dana Medical Library. Gary lives in Burlington with his wife, Kristabeth, and their two dogs — Niles and Cider — and has worked at UVM since 2012. 

Send along your updates and memories of your time at UMaine. Enjoy your summer!

M-A-I-N-E, Gooo Blue!